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Commercial Clients
Empty container fumigation
Container Fumigation services are offered to prevent entry of infestation related items into the country, the service allows for the next shipment of good in a more suitable environment. Fumigation of empty container before stuffing of cargo.
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Container Disinfectation
Container Treatment
Cargo Fumigation
We undertake disinfection services for your cargo on board or off board the ship, the process ensures your good are not contaminated while in transit.
Fumigation is done for wood material used for packing of goods to be exported. fumigation is done after completion of stuffing of cargo and closing the door of the container. The result of such fumigation is more effective, as the gases used for fumigation circulates all spaces in the container without spreading gas outside, as the container is closed.
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Export Cargo Fumigation
Import Cargo Fumigation
We prevent your stored good from pest attacks ensuring your products are safe while in the holding facilities,our procedures are friendly to your stored goods.Our fumigation services ensure a high level of sanitation in the warehouse
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Daily and general office cleaning solutions.
Carpet and upholstery(sofa set) cleaning/shampoo solutions.
Pre, during and post events cleaning solutions.

Consultancy Service
We provide consultancy service on your facilities,I knowledge base and expertise can diagnose your most prone pest problem and provide expert solutions.Our controls are of standard and we follow the set standards to ensure quality is well maintained
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Pest Control Advice
Safety Standards